Make Money Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the lawn is a time-honored, traditional way for kids to make money. Chances are if your children are old enough, they already mow your own lawn once a week during the summer. Some children don’t care for this chore, but whether yours do or not, you can help them see how mowing lawns can be profitable for them.

Why Mow Lawns for Money?

You may be wondering why your kids would want to earn money by mowing people’s lawns. While it may not earn as much as a traditional job (unless they make a great business out of it), it carries other great benefits with it. First, it will teach them about salesmanship and socializing, because they’ll need to speak with neighbors to secure the job. It will also give them exercise and time out in the sun as opposed to sitting in a chair or lying on a couch all day.

How Can You Help Them Turn It Into a Business?

If your child seems particularly entrepreneurial, you may want to encourage them to turn this chore into a business opportunity. You may first want to go around your neighborhood with them and speak to some of your neighbors to get a rough idea of how many people would be interested in having their lawns mowed.

After this, set up a few appointments so your child can get a feel for how much time they’ll be willing to spend doing this job. They may be eager to mow lawns all day but then find out that they get too worn out to do more than a few each day. Help them come up with a work schedule and a payment rate (either a flat rate or one based on the size of the lawn being mowed, for example).

What if They Can’t or Don’t Want to Mow Lawns?

A lawn mowing business might not be right for every child. It may not be feasible in the area you live in, or your child might just hate doing it. In these cases, you can try teaching them other gardening skills like pulling weeds or planting flowers, and having them offer to do this for neighbors instead.