Make Money Doing Chores around the House

Some parents choose to pay their children for doing chores around the house, like washing dishes or scrubbing toilets. Other parents may choose to give them rewards such as extra screen time, or tell them that the work itself is its own reward. There is nothing wrong with any of these viewpoints as long as you’re teaching your children the value of a job well done. Offering money as a reward can be a convincing starting point for many children to learn about how to love the work they do.

What Chores around the Home Should Be Rewarded?

It’s up to you to decide what kinds of chores are worth a monetary or other kind of reward for your kids, but here are a few that stand out:

  • Deep cleaning. Just picking toys or clothes up off the floor may not be enough for a reward, but if your children are willing to mop, vacuum, dust, and do other extra cleaning activities, you may want to make it worth their while.
  • Gardening. This can include mowing the lawn, but you may choose to reward other work like pulling weeds, cleaning up after pets, watering plants or the grass, or digging a garden.
  • Prepare meals and clean up after them. Teaching your children to cook-and to clean up after themselves when they do-is a great for them to learn a new skill as well as make a bit of money.

What Are Some Other Ways to Reward Kids for Doing Chores?

If you don’t want to use money as a reward, you can still find ways to encourage your kids to finish their chores. You may offer to take them out for ice cream, or give them more time to do their favorite activity. However you reward them, remember to teach them to put care into the work they do.